Faces for Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles can be completely adorable. Look at some famous people with short hairstyles, such as Halle Berry, Sharon Stone, or Jada Pinkett. These are some of the most beautiful women that exist, and they all pull off their short hairstyles very well. There are, however, some face types that will be able to wear short hairstyles better than others. Let's take a look at what type faces work best with short hair styles.

Oval Faces:

Short hairstyles look great on people with oval faces. An oval face is defined by having a jaw and chin that is narrower than your cheek bones. This type of face is longer than it is wide, and most people with oval face types have very proportionate faces. For this reason, people with this face type can get away with all kinds of haircuts, but short hairstyles are fantastic. Close cropped hair is very alluring and sexy. It's also very easy to maintain. There are many, many different kinds of short hairstyles, and a person with an oval face is sure to look good in any of them. This is a bold, yet feminine look that feels light and beautiful to the wearer.

Round Faces:

Since round faces are typically wider in the cheekbones and have fuller cheeks, you want to avoid anything that will make the cheeks look bigger. Using short hairstyles that add width above the cheekbones and around the temples is a great idea. It will take the focus off of the wider parts of your face and make it look more proportionate. Short hairstyles that have volume and lift are a great idea.

Square Faces:

Some people think that short hairstyles are not good for square faces, but they can work if you choose the right ones. Short hairstyles that are wispy and not closely cropped are a great idea. There are many different kinds of wispy short hairstyles and the point is to add a softer look to minimize the sharpness of the square face.

Pear Faces:

Pear faces are usually wider in the chin and jaw than in the cheekbones and forehead. Longer hairstyles can draw attention to this, and make the wide chin or jaw look even wider. This can make the face look bloated or overweight. Short hairstyles that add width at the temple and crown area can take the attention from the chin and jaw, and balance out the proportions.

Hairstyles that are shorter and more closely cropped can be a great way to balance out certain face shapes. The fact that they are beautiful and easily maintained, and can balance out a face goes to show you why short hairstyles are so popular.


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